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Sybille Krämer (Berlin) The messenger as a model in media theory. Reflections on the creative aspects of transmission

Dr. Krämer is professor of theoretical philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. She is a permanent fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg of Berlin, and member of the panel of the European Research Council. She has been a guest professor at the University of Zurich, the Technical University of Vienna and the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Her areas of interest include the philosophy of language, media and mediality, theorizing the computer as tool and medium, and the study of symbolic machines and other cultural technologies of formalization. Dr. Kramer introduced the question of “mediality” as an issue for explicit investigation in philosophy. Her work has also focused significantly on the development of a philosophy of media, and on the phenomenon of Schrift –as script, writing, and type. She is the author of the recently-published Performativity and Mediality (2004), and of Medium, Messenger, Translation: A small Metaphysics of Mediality (2008).