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Kim Sawchuk Bio-mediations: Incorporating photography, digitizing specimens and J C B Grant’s An Atlas of Anatomy

Kim Sawchuk is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, the current editor of the Canadian Journal of Communications ( and Wi: Journal of the Mobile Commons Network ( Her research involves the close study of the relationship between embodiment, social practice and discourses on technology. Kim writes on the politics and culture of health and biomedicine, new media art, and wireless technologies from a feminist, anti-racist perspective. Her most recent publication is The Wireless Spectrum: The Politics, Practices, and Poetics of Mobile Media, co-edited with Barbara Crow and Michael Longford. Patient Embodiment, an earlier collection of feminist writing on the body was co-edited with Christina Lammer and Catherine Pilcher from Vienna. In addition to her academic interests, Kim has been a new media activist, having co-founded StudioXX, a feminist research and media arts centre in Montréal, in 1996.